Top Ten Most Poisonous Fishes in The World

There are different type of animals and insect that people fear. Some of these animals are fishes. Unfortunately, some of these fishes are poisonous. Currently, many radio station, TV channel, and nature guides are educating the public about the most poisonous and venomous fishes. Some of the well known most poisonous fishes are Goliath Tigerfish, Goonch Fish, Piraiba Catfish, Great Barracuda, Black Piranha, Alligator Gar, Wels Catfish, Electric Eal, Great White Shark, and Bull Shark.

10. Goliath Tigerfish

The fish has a length of about six to seven feet and a weight of around sixty-five pound. The fish is also known as Hydrocynus Goliath, and is commonly found in Congo River in the central-western Africa. The fish has a mouth with long sharp teeth that it uses to kill a prey and yellowish blue eyes that are so scary. The goliath tigerfish has a good sense of hearing and a long range of sight that has the ability to track its prey. In addition, can swim at a speed of 100 kilometres per hour when it chasing its enemy. Due to its phenomenal power and power, the Hydrocynus goliath is the world’s greatest freshwater game. Nevertheless, the fish is one of the most poisonous fish.

9. Goonch Fish

Goonch fish has a length of about seven feet and a weight of approximately 280 pounds. This fish belong to the family of catfish, though it is brown in colour. This type of fish species is commonly found in south east of Asia in countries such as Nepal, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Pakistan. Scientists believe that Goonch fish are very poisonous.

8. Piraiba Catfish

Piraiba fish are about nine feet long and it weighs approximately 550 pound. Occasionally, it is also called goliath catfish. This species is large with black-blue colour. They reside along the deadly Amazons Rivers and in South America. Piraiba fish is the largest fish in the catfish family.

7. Great Barracuda

Great Barracuda is about 2 metres long and weighs approximately 65 pounds. The fish is commonly found in warm rivers commonly in parts of Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Western Atlantic. They are green in colour with a white bottom. They are commonly known for attacking smaller fishes, as well as human being.

6. Black Piranha

Black Piranha has a length of 41 centimetres and weighs about 2 pounds. It is also known as Serrasalmus rhombeus, and is commonly found in South America like in Orinoco, Amazon, and Guiana Shield River. They are famous for sharp teeth that can bite with a force of more than its own weight. Although they are very poisonous, they rarely attach human beings.

5. Alligator Gar

Alligator Gar has a length of 10 feet and weighs approximately 90 kg. The fish has a brown coloured alligator, and is commonly found in North America in rivers like Mississippi. Their scales spread all over their body and are diamond shaped. In addition, they are capability of surviving outside water environment.

4. Wels Catfish

Wel Catfish has a length of about 13 feet and weighs approximately 400 pounds. They are commonly found in reservoirs in Spain, lakes of Germany, and rivers of Russia. This fishes are very poisonous including their eggs.

3. Electric Eel

The Electric Eal has length of about 7.5 feet and weighs about 60 pounds. The fish uses it electric current to hunt its prey. It has a strong current that is capable to make an alligator unconscious. It can also cause death in case it bites a human being.

2. Great white Shark

Great white shark has a length of 2 metres and weighs about 2500 kg. It is commonly found in coastal region and oceans. It is also known as white death. They have been ranked first as the most human attackers.

1. Bull shark

Bull shark has a length of 12 feet and weighs about 700 pounds. It is the most dangerous and feared sea creature. The fish is found all over the world, and can survive both in fresh and salt water. They are also very powerful in biting. They eat everything they come across including other fishes such as dolphins and sharks. A single bite to human being can cause death.


  • Sophia Kitsopanidis

    These are wrong. No catfish, piranhas or sharks are poisonous. Even if they were, poison is when an animal touches or eats it, whereas when an animal bites another and injects the poison, the animal is venomous.

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