Top Ten Fastest Wild Animals in The World

Animals cannot cook nor prepare their meal. They also can’t prepare for security cases and for this reason,Top Ten Fastest Wild Animals in The World, they are instinctively prepared for any situation that could need them avert or fight in order to survive. Speed is one of these modes of preparation as for example, a cheetah needs to run very fast in order to eat and on the other hand an antelope should also run fast to survive the wrath of its eater. This brings us to a list of the top ten fastest wild animals in the world which includes but not confined to;

10. Brown Hare

This is one of the best meals for many meat eater including man thus it is designed to run fast in order to protect themselves from being eaten up. Their body is light and strong, a combination that enables them among the fastest animals in the planet.

Brown Hare


9. Blue wildebeest

Wildebeest shares the same family with a cow but since they are found in the wild, their survival tactics are also different. This animal can run at up to a speed of 80 kilometers an hour, exactly the speed of a lion which, makes it almost impossible to be eaten up by a lion unless other tricks are used.

Blue wildebeest

8. The Pronghorn antelope

This is the second fastest land animal and the eight fastest of all animals both land and sea. Its speeds can go up to 98 kilometers per hour hence it can out sprint predators like lions hence this is its sole survival tactic.

The Pronghorn antelope

7. Marlin

Marlin lives in water and can swim at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Thus, marlin positioned at number seven in this list.


6. Sail fish

This is probably the world’s fastest fish swimming at an astonishing speed of one hundred and ten kilometers per hour. Thus whatever this fish eats is unlucky because its predator is fast enough to catch it with ease.

Sail fish

5. Spur-winged Goose

This is the largest goose in the world and can fly at a speed of 142 kilometers per hour. Being a bird, flying at this speed is astonishing indeed.

Spur-winged Goose

4. Frigate Bird

This bird has the widest wing span to body weight ratio hence enabling it fly very fast. The top speed of this bird is about 153 kilometers per hour and amongst the top five fastest animals in the planet.

Frigate Bird

3. Spine tailed swift

Evidently, as we go to the top of the list, one thing is for sure, the animal become smaller and more tapered. This is a structural advantage which favors speed of up to 171 kilometers per hour. This list is dominated by birds because they cruise in wind which makes it possible to achieve these extreme levels of speed.

Spine tailed swift

2. Cheetah

Its body shape is designed for agility required to run down a prey. It can run in speeds of up to 113 kilometers per hour, three times faster than a normal human being. The top speed of the fastest human on earth is only 36 kilometers an hour.


1. Peregrine Falcon

This is the fastest animal in existence, it runs at a whooping of 322 kilometers an hour when diving and up to 90 kilometers per hour when cruising horizontally. These speeds are high enough to make this bird an exceptional hunter and definitely the first in a list of the top ten fastest wild animal in the world.