Top Ten Best Sellers in Electronics Reviewer 2016

Amazon is the largest product database in the world and it attracts millions of users every day. As a result, every top selling product on this site is a product that customers from all around the world find attractive. In order to showcase that demand for popular products, Amazon features a list of its top selling products for every department, which is updated regularly. Visitors can identify shopping trends as well as attractive product deals. One of the most competitive product categories on the Amazon platform is electronics. In 2016 demand for electronics has skyrocketed due to new, exciting product introductions and fallen prices of existing products. When reading the list below you will notice that most of the 2016 top selling products are Amazon products. Take a look at the following list that features the top ten best sellers in electronics for 2016.

10. Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV
This is the complete set of Amazon’s Fire TV. This device is redesigned in order to support 4k content. One of its most anticipated new features is the voice command. You can control this device by your voice as it comes with Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant. Use the voice commands to see weather forecasts, sports scores, and play music. Just spell the name of your favorite show and this device will start playing it in just a few seconds. You can purchase this device at $99,99.


9. Fujifilm’s INSTAX Instant Film 50 sheets pack

Fujifilm's INSTAX Instant Film 50 sheets pack
This is the same product as the above, with the difference that it has more sheets available, so you don’t run out of them. Its price is very attractive as it is only $33,99.


8. Fujifilm’s INSTAX Instant Film Pack

Fujifilm's INSTAX Instant Film Pack
This is a product designed to be compatible with Fujifilm’s Instax cameras. It is a retro-looking device you can attach to your camera. As soon as you capture a photo it slides out of this device. See your photos instantly without having to print them.


7. Fire Kids Edition

Fire Kids Edition
Are you looking for an exciting device that can educate your kids while enabling them to become familiar with modern technology? If so, the Kids Edition of the Fire tablet is the best choice you have. It is a tablet made for kids and comes with an amazing warranty proposition. Amazon’s says that if your kids break it, it will replace the device immediately without asking any questions. You have the control of your kids device in order to manage what content they can access.


6. Voice Controlled Fire Tv Stick

Voice Controlled Fire Tv Stick
This is the same Fire Tv product that we featured above but offers voice recognition and control. You can give direct orders as well as navigate through the apps using your voice. It is relatively cheap priced, only $10 more than the standard version, at $49,99.


5. Echo Dot

Echo Dot
This is a limited product that is only available to Amazon Prime members. This device is the Echo’s little brother since it offers the same functionality using a smaller speaker. You can use its voice command functions or you can read the news, use it as an alarm clock, connect it to speakers in order to stream music and control your Smart home’s devices. You can buy this product at $89,99.


4. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
Are you looking for a cheap E-Book reader? This is the best option for you as it is only priced at $119. It comes with Wi-Fi compatibility and some very attractive special offers. There is a new, redesigned, display as well as a built-in light if you want to read during the night. This product lasts for weeks with just one battery charge. You have access to Amazon’s amazing book library and you purchase books for as low as $2,99.


3. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

This is maybe the most useful product on this list. Amazon Echo is a virtual assistant you have to install in your home. It’s like Apple’s Siri for your home. It features voice control, music streaming from Spotify, 360-degree stereo sound and it can also control all your smart home devices with just your voice. Another very important feature is that it is updated regularly.


2. Amazon Fire TV HDMI Stick

Amazon Fire TV HDMI Stick
The second best selling product is the Amazon fire tv stick. This product connects to your HDTV’s HDMI port and enables you to enjoy more than 3,000 channels, games and apps. You can also access Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Video as well as HULU. Another major advantage is that you can watch live tv using this stick. Last but not least, this stick features a dual-core processor as well as 1GB of memory making it a better alternative than Chrome Cast.


1. Fire 7inch tablet

Fire 7inch tablet

The fire tablet is the top selling amazon product for 2016. It features an IPS display and 8GB of memory. Buyers have unlimited access to Amazon’s movie and ebook library. You can surf for up to 7 hours with this tablet and you can expand its memory with a micro sd up to 128GB. This tablet is currently priced at $49,99 and it includes some special Amazon offers.