Top Ten Best Intelligence Agencies In The world

From research and feasibility study, it is clear that each country has personal intelligence agencies for the security of citizens. These agencies usually help to collect imperative secret information that can upgrade the security measure of a nation. Nevertheless, these agencies often work to gather the best information that can guide and protect the interest of a nation. Below are top ten best intelligence agencies in the world

10. Mossad, Israel:

Mossad remain Israel’s intelligence agency founded in 1949. Its aim of operation is toward Arab organizations and countries. It is noted as the best of the world with the notion of secret operations, intelligence compilation, and counter-terrorism.

Mossad, Israel

9. MSS, China:

MSS is the main agency of intelligence in China. It came into existence in 1983. Today, it has been known as one of the most effective agencies of intelligence in the world. It is basically known for foreign intelligence and countering intelligence.

MSS, China

8. RAW, India:

RAW is often called analysis and research Wing. It is an independent intelligence agency in India. It came into existence in 1968 and has become India’s number one intelligence agency. New Delhi is the main headquarter of RAW. It is concentrated on intelligence and information about foreign management. It also collects information about organizations and criminals and later delivers to India policymakers. It also helps to protect the nation from danger and violence.

RAW, India

7. ASIS, Australia:

Secret Intelligence Service of Australia is also counted among the best in the world. The service came into existence in 1952 and has its basis in Canberra. Its main area of specialization is to collect intelligence examine activities and secret information of rival countries. It takes act for the security and safety of the country alongside controlling criminals.

ASIS, Australia

6. DGSE, France:

DGSE is also called general directorate for outside security. It has been known for its excellent service towards gathering information in the nation. The service was established in 1982 and working with France government to gather secret information.

DGSE, France

5. BND, Germany:

From research and feasibility study, BND has been recognized as Germany top central intelligence agency. With due respect, the service came into existence in 1956 to help in gathering top-notch secret information for Germany government. Record has shown that the service remain the only well-structured and best organization in the world. BND has its headquarter in Pullach near Munich. This organization glows with the latest and best intelligence that anyone can rely on.

BND, Germany

4. FSB, Russia:

FSB is the service of federal security and known as the best in the world. It unleashes great methods of operation in excellence. FSB has been known as the only well-structured service of intelligence in Russia. It came into existence in 1995 with the objective to offer the nation top secret and security of the nation. It main aim is to collect information, protect and combat with activist. It also care for the security and protection of the country. The main office of FSB is located in Downtown, Moscow near Lubyanka Square. It is one of the best intelligence agencies in the world today.

FSB, Russia

3. M16, UK:

M16 came into prevalence in 1909 and has maintained the number one position of intelligence service in the UK. M16 has its headquarter in the SIS building, UK. It works with the committee of joint intelligence. The named service is sure to offer reliable secret information to the UK government.

M16, UK

2. ISI, Pakistan:

To be upfront here, ISI has been known as the best intelligence service of the world. According to the world’s ranking, ISI is basically the best and located in Pakistan. With the comprehensive details in this article, you are sure to discover the top ten best intelligence agencies in the world.

ISI, Pakistan

1. CIA, USA:

This is the highest secret intelligence service in the U.S. It came into existence in 1947 by the hand of Harry. S Truman the president. Research has shown that the agency is farther divided into four other sections. This can be found in the likes of the intelligence directorate, support directorate, science directorate and top ten best intelligence agencies in the world


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