Top Ten Best Instant Coffee Makers Of 2016

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Coffee shops vs instant coffee makers, the war within Top Ten Best Instant Coffee Makers Of 2016 While chain coffee shops have evolved into ubiquitous establishments in most of the countries around the world, most individuals still prefer to have their early morning dosage of caffeine within the close comforts of their home. As a result, the brewing machines at home have undergone a sea-change in their design and feature specifications. What were once regarded as no more than harmless machines sitting in one corner of the kitchen have all of a sudden started making their presence felt around the place as they get turned into high-tech gadgets- in fact some of them come fitted with automatic milk frothers, LCD screens or something as outrageous as cartridges of nitrous-oxide!

Instant coffee makers seem to be the latest product trending in the market. Featuring prepackaged and pre-measured coffee pods, they can however fall short of your expectations as far as the taste of the brew is concerned. While these instant coffee makers fail to compete with a brew that is produced from freshly ground coffee, consumers from all across the globe have not given it a second thought about making a beeline for the supermarket in order to purchase one such gadget. In keeping with the meteoric rise of these gadgets, we now take a look at the top 10 best instant coffee makers in 2014 that have found a high rate of acceptance amongst the patrons.

1.  Keurig Special Edition:

Keurig Special Edition


The Keurig makes use of plastic pods for producing their brew. Known as K-Cups, they are fitted with a paper filter and filled with grounded coffee, cocoa or tea leaves before being sealed. When a brew has to be prepared, a metal tube punctures this K-cup and sprays pressurized water on the ground coffee powder. This solution eventually drains out through a small hole that is poked at the bottom of the paper cup by the metal tube. It features an LCD display that allows you to choose the size of the K-cup that you wish to use and also make necessary adjustments to the water temperature. The machine takes around three minutes to prepare a cup of your favorite brew and is also one of the cleanest appliances since there is very little drip creating a mess around it once the coffee has been prepared.

2.  Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto:

Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto is one of the Best Instant Coffee Makers Of 2014. This instant coffee maker is capable of producing pressure to the tune of fifteen bars in order to push the water out through the capsules that are filled with powdered milk, chocolate or coffee. Although it has the capability to produce only ten different drinks, the fact that it can produce cappuccinos and lattes by making use of the high water pressure in the capsule marks a positive for the appliance. Unlike some of the other machines in the list, this coffee maker from Krups is not capable of automatically determining the amount of water that is required in the brewing process. As a result, you will be required to stand by its side over the brewing period. Once its is heated up, the machine is capable of producing successive brews which is an essential feature as milk and coffee capsules become necessary for most of the recipes. This instant coffee maker is capable of producing a brew in just over two minutes. One big disadvantage of this product is that even after it completes the brew, the machine continues to drip for quite some time. Also, if you are using a smaller cup then there is the likelihood of the coffee splashing out from the mug if necessary adjustments of the tray are not carried out.

Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Brewing System, Silver DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER

4.  Aerobie AeroPress:

If you are looking to get an idea of how steroids are administered, then this French-made instant coffee maker will help fulfill your dreams. The ground coffee powder gets loaded onto a cylinder with hot water being poured over it and that is where the likeness to a steroid device comes to an end. Rather than allowing the coffee to stand along for a few minutes, add water to the device and give a quick stir to it. Place the appliance over your coffee mug, release the plunger and you will have your brew pouring out through a paper filter. This brew is essentially an espresso type that can be converted into either an Americano by addition of hot water or into cappuccino or latte when you add some milk produced from a frother. Brewing time for this appliance is largely dependent on how long your kettle or stovetop requires for boiling water. While it does not take much of an effort to clean the appliance once a brew has been prepared, it would be advisable that you either position yourself near a sink or keep a spare plate at hand during the brewing process to prevent it from turning into a messy affair.

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker with Tote Bag

5.  Chemex Coffee Maker:

This is one product that coffee connoisseurs are simply in awe of! The Chemex makes use of a paper filter and gravity in order to produce the brew, similar to what we normally see in a drip pot. However, the brew that you get tastes much stronger compared to any other conventional coffee making appliance. The appliance features a largely simple design with a fluted glass beaker and conical paper filter. All you have to do is pour boiling hot water around the sides of the filter paper with the coffee grounds on it and the brew falls through into the collection pot below. Once again, the efficiency of your electric kettle determines how fast you can get your hands on a mug of your favorite brew. Cleaning this appliance is one of the simplest procedures as all you have to do is discard the filter paper and rinse the appliance with some soap solution.

Chemex Glass Coffeemaker

6.  DeLonghi Magnifica:

Bean-to-cup coffee makers are something that every coffee lover absolutely swears by! If you are wondering what such an appliance is, these are the ones that produce an instant grind of the coffee beans for a brew that is richer and much more intense than otherwise. While such an appliance is most likely to cost you an eye-watering amount, DeLonghi ensures that you get to enjoy the luxury of an instant coffee maker without being required to pay an exorbitant price. A model that allows adjustments in almost every single department- be it the temperature or the strength of the coffee- you could not have asked for a better gadget to be at hand in times of a caffeine emergency!

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic EspressoCoffee Machine

7.  Morphy Richards Accents:

If you are of the opinion that coffee beans and capsules produce too big a mess that is quite difficult to handle during the busy morning hours, then the last thing you can afford to do is go wrong with your instant coffee maker. The Accent model coffee maker from Morphy Richards is much easier to use as opposed to some of its contemporaries. Moreover, it is designed to maintain the pot at high temperatures for a number of hours while also allowing a minimum of twelve cups of coffee to be made in a single brew. The timer function is one of its most admirable assets, meaning that you can have a cup of your favorite brew waiting to greet you in the morning the moment you step out of bed.

Morphy Richards Mattino Accents Coffee Maker Glass Jug With Lid

8.  Bosch Tassimo:

A sleek black machine, it is capable of brewing as many as thirty-five different drinks- from tea to hot chocolates, macchiatos to lattes. Apart from the excellent quality of the brew that it produces, one of the most important features of this product is the seemingly low cost of maintenance. It comes with an automatic descaling and cleaning program while the large 1.5L capacity tank ensures that the appliance won’t be requiring too many refills. One drawback is that you cannot use anything other than the Bosch-made capsules but the wide range available for the same makes the problem small enough to be overlooked.

9.  Gaggia Baby Class:

A “Best Buy” product from Which, the Gaggia Baby Classic is one of the few classic stainless steel coffee makers in the market. It is capable of delivering espresso brews of a top notch quality in less than sixteen seconds. A steamer attachment allows you to implement the option of producing frothy coffees as well. The appliance works perfectly fine with both easy-to-serve espresso pods and ground coffee beans. Also, operating this appliance is seemingly a child’s play!

10.  Barista Express from Heston Blumenthal:

If your pockets are as deep as that of Starbucks and yet you fancy having a true barista for yourself, then this Express coffee machine from Heston Blumenthal will simply tick every box of your requirements. A stainless steel machine, it is stylish and solid and capable of producing a ground of your beans anywhere between fine or coarse based on how you would like your coffee to be brewed; hit one of the eighteen preset buttons to determine the same. There are “empty me” and “clean me” lights featured on the appliance so every time it is in need of some personal care, it will let you know of its wishes.

Gaggia 12300 Baby Class Manual Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel

Conclusion: Thus we come to the end of the list featuring the top 10 best instant coffee makers in 2014. Which one of these do you think you would want to buy to grace your kitchen and ease your worries of grabbing your early morning cup of java? We have done our bit in providing suggestions that involve products right out of the top draw, now the final decision is all for you to make!