A video editor should allow an individual to add transitions, subtitles, title cards, music and, merge files. A good program will give an individual precise control over certain screen elements such as subtitles or lower thirds. A person can also create special effects like stop-motion animation, picture-in-picture or green screen. This will enable your video to stand out from the rest. Some of the top 10 video editing software review 2014 include:

1. Magix Movie Edit Pro.

This is an excellent movie suite for editing purposes. It caters for users who require diverse functionality and amateur enthusiasts. It comes in a package that is easy to use, comprising of effects and extra content and a number of amazing features. It is not easy to find fault in the above program due to its dynamic and modern interface, inherent user friendliness and large compatibility options.

Magix Movie Edit Pro

2. Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Pro Pack.

This is a powerful editing program for home videos which delivers quality and professional results. This is Sony’s best studio range with extra whistles and bells anyone would need. The user interface allows relative novices to create professional videos and is great too.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Pro Pack

3. CyberLink PowerDirector.

It is a home video production suite with the best quality. It allows one to produce and create professional videos using a shallow learning curve and user friendly interface with ease. The latest version has seen improvements on the application performance and has additional design tools and effects.

CyberLink PowerDirector

4. Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Edition.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum

This version has no Pro Pack which makes it cheaper hence a better value for your money. The difference between this version without a Pro Pack and the other with one, is the features. Individuals who do not require the extra features can settle for this cheaper version.

5. Corel Video Studio Pro X2.

This is a quality video program aimed for home users. It has quality features that allow users to create professional videos. It has a variety of behind-the-scenes technical allowing it to run smoothly on much slower PCs. It is also easy to learn.

Corel Video Studio Pro X2

6. Adobe Premier Elements.

It is an intuitive and powerful video editing program. Essentially, it was a version of the professional Premiere Elements aimed for people in the homes who do not need to have an involvement in the technical stuff of movie production. It gives users the opportunity to have control of the editing process, while at the same time making it simpler to attain good results easily and quickly.

Adobe Premier Elements

7. Pinnacle Studio.

Pinnacle Studio 12 standard is the Pinnacles excellent video editing suite, cheapest version. Due to its emphasis on using templates and simple user interface to produce great videos easily and fast, it is most suitable for beginners.

Pinnacle Studio

8. ArcSoft showbiz DVD.

It is a simple, basic but effective video editing application that is suitable for individuals who do not want to spend most of their time editing movies, but desire a decent end-product. It is easy to use and has good functionality even with older systems.

ArcSoft showbiz DVD

9. Roxio Creator.

Apart from being a video editing tool, Roxio Creator comprises of other tools used for varying media creating tasks all in one application. Even though the program risks to be a jack of all trades, and at the same time a master of none, the tasks it is capable of performing outweigh the fact that neither of them goes into much depth. This is an ideal application for people who do not desire to go deeper into the editing functions.

Roxio Creator

10. Corel DVD Movie Factory.

It plays a mid-way role of being either a burning and DVD copying tool and a video editing tool. Though it performs all the above tasks well, similar to other packages, one does not acquire the totality of each function like standalone applications. However, the pricing of the Corel is favourable and is a great investment for people who want to copy discs and produce great looking home videos with minimum fuss. It also has clear and big icons that direct you to the varying tasks performed by the software. It also has an interface which is user friendly. Copying discs is also easy as a click of a button using this application.

Corel DVD Movie Factory

It is crucial to know what you what to create before buying a certain program. The tool should be complicated just as you require it to be.