Top 10 Songs to listen to kill your stress

Life may seem to be complicated day to day. So why not give your mind a rest with some music?  Check out these 10 songs that may heal your frequent tensions and recover health of mind. Music is known as food for the soul and despite the many tastes and interests of people, there are songs that have pulled heartstrings of all because of their beauty and it also make our life meaningful and reduce stress.

Please note that these top 10 song is I choose by my own feeling and human feeling is different and do not blame me if these song cannot kill your stress .

1. 22 by Taylor Swift

I lover her song because it is very meaningful with soft voice . This song can make me sleep escape from my headache.


2. Live Like We’re Young by One Direction



3. What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction



4. Not A Bad Thing by Justin Timberlake



5. Uptown Girl by Westlife




6. Live Like We’re dying by Kris Allen




7. Rain Over Me by Pitbull ft. Marc Anthony


8. Crush by David Archuleta


9. Your Man by Josh Turner




10. Price Tag by Jessica J




After review my top 10 songs that can kill my stress, you may also interested to listen to the top 10 best song of all time that we list in article of that we just research recently.

Enjoy your time with music is better than enjoy your time with drug and do useless things.