Top 10 Most Luxurious Hotels in the World

For many years, people have been traveling across the world without an idea of the best hotels that they can have the best times. Some people they willing to spend more for their happiness without think about the price at all. Some hotel are very expensive but it is not luxurious and comfortable for staying. The following are the Top 10 Most Luxurious Hotels in the World:

10. Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi

Costing about $3 billion to build this amazing Emirates Palace that has 394 rooms & suites, 40 conference and meeting rooms, sumptuous spa, myriad of pools & fountains, white sand beach, marble that is imported right from 15 different countries as well as more than 1,000 crystal chandeliers. This place has the best to offer when looking for the best places where you can have fun during your tour in the Arabs Emirates in Middle East. They definitely have the best rooms when looking for that luxury within the city.

9. Mardan Palace Hotel in Turkey

Built by a Russian Billionaire called Telman Ismailov in the year 2009 at $1.65 billion, this Mardan Palace Hotel is one of the luxurious hotels that you should never miss in Antalya. Most of the people visiting the country often like coming to the hotel since it is one of the best within the country. With over 20 dining spots, a lavish spa, 17 bars, and an aquarium that has many exotic fish.

8. The Westin Excelsior in Rome

Built in the year 1906, Westin Excelsior Rome do have that impressive pedigree when it comes to luxury. Most of the rooms are affordable and prices definitely makes it one of those places that you need to visit when in Italy. This signature luxury hotel has been hosting most of conferences across Europe making it one of the places that you should never miss for those looking for conferences.

7. Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai

Built to resemble one billowing sail and the amazing architecture of the Burj Al Arab Hotel located in Dubai. This makes the hotel among the most photographed things in the world. The rooms are very luxurious with spanning two floors to enable you relax when you are in the place. This definitely a hotel that prominent businesspersons and leaders often visit whenever they are visiting the country.

6. The Plaza in New York City

The Plaza is always top choice for the visiting VIPs in US especially for the Royal Plaza Suite, which boasts in the best views of the Manhattan. The 3-bedroom/3-bathroom suite is always styled in most opulent of the old world charm that has a formal dining room with a gymnasium, a library, a grand piano, a butler’s pantry as well as full kitchen especially for personal chefs, and services own private elevator. This makes it a perfect place to relax when in business meetings.

5. Atlantis Paradise Island in Bahamas

This Atlantis Paradise Island Hotel is located on a 141-acre waterscape that makes it a luxurious resort destination for many people in the Bahamas. However, the hotel is a Royal Towers Bridge with 23rd floor, which really pulls in the swanky stops. The spans has 10 plush rooms that are topped by the 12-ft. ceilings as well as full length windows, which includes twin entertainment centers, a grand piano and a formal dining room that has 22-karat gold chandelier and whirlpool tubs among others.

4. Palms in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Palms Hotel is one famous for the high roller living that makes it one of the best places that you can visit when you are on your tour. With a capacity of over 500 people makes it another big hotel where most of the VIPs often travel to when visiting the State of California. Upscale extras of the hotel include an in-suite check-in, a 24/7 personal on the call butlers, and chauffeur driven Royce fleet that you will enjoy in the place.

3. The Boulders in Arizona

This is a prestigious golf & spa resort and has been one of the reasons why many people often to the place to have fun. You will always get the best when looking for the solutions that exists within the state of Arizona. The hotel also offer the best meals and drinks.

2. CuisinArt Golf Resort Hotel & Spa inAnguilla

The CuisinArt Golf Resort hotel & Spa is a luxurious place that has continued to attract a wide range of people coming to the city for holidays as well as business meetings. The Venus Spa and Fitness complex is allure to the people coming to the city.

1. Secrets Marquis in Los Cabos

The Secrets Marquis in Los Cabos is luxurious hotel. The rooms has modern high technology gadgets, several hand-frescoed cathedral domes, private fitness room, steam bath, sauna and Jacuzzi that makes it one of the places where you need to visit. The hotel can fit over 600 guests while providing them with some of the luxury that they need when looking for the best options that the city provides.