Top 10 Most Beautiful Dance Styles in the World

Dance is a famous art that you can do in your daily life. This art involves your body movement, rhythmic movement, and also the music. It is also performed in many countries with different cultures. Different places usually have their own traditional dances that are very interesting for the spectators. 

This article is going to talk about top 10 most beautiful dance styles in the world. These dance styles are very popular because they have beautiful movement and styles. Some of these styles may represent their own countries. You may be familiar with some of these popular dance styles.

1. Hip-hop dance

Hip-hop dance

It is one of the most popular dance styles these days. This dance is also commonly known as the “Street Dance”. It is usually performed to the hip hop music that is very interesting for most people. It represents the hip hop culture that grows well in the United States. This dance usually consists of some moves that are executed close to the ground.

2. Tap Dance

Tap Dance

Some people are interested with this dance style. It is a great form of dance that is characterized by the tapping sound. This tapping sound can be produced from the metal plats on the heel and ball of the dancer’s shoes. All tap dancers should practice regularly, so they can improve their knowledge and skills effectively.

3. Yangko Dance

Yangko Dance

This is another dance style that is very popular among many spectators today. This is a traditional dance of the Han Chinese. This dance is claimed to be one of the most popular Chinese arts these days. It involves the body movements to follow certain rhythms. All Yangko dancers should be able to balance their body properly.

4. Belly Dance

Belly Dance

Belly dance is also called as the Arabic dance or Middle Eastern dance. This art usually focuses all movements on the belly area and hips. Many people want to watch this dance style because of its beautiful appearance. There are a lot of beautiful women who perform this belly dance regularly.

5. Ballet


Ballet is one of the most reputable dance styles today. Many people want to learn how to do this dance correctly. It is a performance dance that consists of some complicated movements. This dance can be choreographed with the orchestral and vocal music. This dance style usually has precise acrobatic movements.

6. Salsa


This is another recommended dance style that you can follow easily. This is a traditional dance from Cuba. However, this dance becomes very popular among many dancers from around the world. This dance is usually accompanied by the salsa music. Most Salsa dancers also use some improvements in their performance.

7. Adume dance

Adume dance

It is a traditional dance from Africa. Many people want to perform this dance style because of its beautiful movements. All dancers are going to use their body parts for performing this Adume dance. This dance style is also used in some festivals and some traditional rituals in Kenya and Tanzania.

8. Kathak


This dance style is very popular in India. This country is very popular for its beautiful dance styles. Kathak is one of the most popular dance styles in this country. It has some similar movements as the modern ballet these days. There are some other movements that are involved in this dance.

9. Irish Dance

Irish Dance

Some people want to watch the Irish Dance’s performance. This dance has a lot of fans these days. There are some movements and forms of this dance. You can find some types of Irish dance styles that are available today. This dance is commonly performed with the traditional Irish music.

10. Apsara Dance

Apsara Dance

This dance is commonly performed by some top performing dancers in the world. It is a traditional dance from Cambodia. Many people are interested with the Apsara dance of Cambodia because of its beautiful appearance. You can also find some stories behind this dance. It is inspired by the Apsara carvings that can be found in this country. 

They are some recommended dance styles that are available today. You can compare some available styles before choosing the best one based on your preferences. Some of these dance styles are very popular among many people today. These styles are very famous because they have beautiful appearance, interesting story, good message, and some other important factors. You can watch some of these performances easily.