Top 10 Handsome Hollywood Actors in 2016

Hollywood is embraced worldwide not only for the quality of the movies but also the quality of the actors in terms of performance and appearance. Most of the Hollywood movies revolve around love and relationships thereby making it ideal for the actors to represent the theme. You will notice that any man who appears in any given scene is good-looking. However, there are some ten who seem to be the best-looking. Follow this piece as it unfolds the top 10 handsome Hollywood actors in 2016.

10. Will Smith

Willard Carroll Smith is a renowned actor who was born in 1968 in Philadelphia. Maturity as a characteristic of an actor, experience, and talent are all evident in this man. His acting together with his goo-look has both added up to his fame. He has had good acting skills due to his dominant personality since he represents what he is similar to; he blends well with the role he plays.

Will Smith

9. Robert Pattinson

Robert was born in 1986 in Britain. He is married and also a father of three. In this list of the top 10 handsome Hollywood actors in 2015, he ranked 9th not by luck, but because he is. His appearance justifies this fact alongside his roles. He has been a famous actor for a very long time and also an American Fashion Model. The definition of the term “handsome” is visible in him.

8. Tom Hanks

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks is not a mere actor but also a brilliant producer and director in Hollywood. He was born in 1956 in California, USA. Currently, he ranks 8th most handsome actor. He has made debut appearances among them; Sleepless in Seattle and Forrest Gump and A League of Their Own. In America, if no further research is done, Tom Hanks definitely becomes the cool and most handsome guy of America.

7. Josh Holloway

He was born in California in 1969 and later moved to Georgia with his family where he quickly turned into a successful actor of Hollywood. He is not just but a talented Hollywood actor; he is also a well– known actor and has a place in the top 10 most famous actors. He doubles up as a model, of course attractive one of the current time. Besides, he was not a miss in a similar listing of the top 10 handsome actors in 2016.

6. Leonardo Dicaprio

I hope you do remember the thrilling movie “Titanic.” That is one of the many movies where Leonardo Dicaprio featured as the principal actor performing romantic roles. His appearance in the 6th position is not by chance but rather by reality of factors. The Los Angeles man was born in 1974 and has a real name in the film industry in US. When you look at him, you will certainly justify his look as “handsome.”

Leonardo Dicaprio

5. Patrick Wilson

You can call him handsome or enthusiastic– any or all of the two suits him well. Patrick Wilson is not appearing for the first time on this list but was there in a similar list 2014. He is a renowned actor cum movie director in Hollywood. He does his part so well that he has never missed the top listing for major awards in the film industry. He remains to be brilliant, and many fans are up for his shows in American’s reality shows.

4. Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is considered a gifted and good-looking Hollywood actor. He is one of the successful writers and actors in America. Being the 4th in this great listing, truly his face is one of the top handsome faces in Hollywood actors in 2016. Besides, he possesses beguiling identity that adds up to make him an astounding Hollywood actor.

3. Bradley Cooper

The 40 years old actor is not a new name in Hollywood. I know some started to wonder why he has not appeared since this list started. Remember the list is going in ascending order, but descending in numbering. Bradley Cooper is the 3rd most handsome Hollywood actor. He is one of the best TV performing artists in US and has earned various honors. He is a real cute guy.

2. Jude Law

Jude Law is currently 42 years old but still youthful and energetic when it comes to acting. Also known as Heyworth Law, this active fellow was born in December, South London. Similarly, his name is somewhere in the ranking and so, appearing in 2016 is not something of a surprise. It is nowadays normal to hear of rumors about females who become obsessed with his identity.

1. Brad Pitt

We got it right; this is the face of handsome photos and videos in Hollywood. Among all the other handsome actors named above, Brad Pitt still stands out to be the guy to watch for this contest. From the face to his nice long hair, to his physical appearance; a real ladies’ choice. His acting skills can be rated as excellent, and this has been manifested through the numerous awards he has received. Besides, he is a filmmaker apart from an excellent actor.