Hottest men can be found in any part of the world. However, what varies from one country to another is the extent of hotness and their numbers. It is also a very difficult task to find a country with the top ten hottest and beautiful men because taste differs from one woman to another. However, there are a good number of countries that have been highly ranked in giving a feast to the eyes of many people particularly ladies. This is simply because of the hotness, masculinity and beauty of their men. Here is a list of the top ten countries with hottest men.

10. Italy

The Italian men are on the top in terms of hotness and beauty. Italian men are good looking, hot and muscular, giving a steep competition to the Italian women. Most Italian men are young and have sparkling eyes, smooth and bronze-skin. The most fascinating thing about the Italian men is the fact that they are also very good lovers. A Russian newspaper once ranked the Italian men as being 3rd best lovers on earth. We should also not forget that the popular Casanova is from Italy. These macho Mediterranean men from Italy are also favorites for their gentleman nature. The generosity and helping mentality of these men add attraction to their handsomeness and beauty. Most Italian men love football. This is evident from the Italian men who are shining on various major leagues in the world. Volleyball and basketball is are other two favorite Italian games.


9. England

Englishmen are the second when it comes to counting the top ten hottest and beautiful men in the world. Almost everybody is aware of the charming nature of Englishmen. Many British men are on TV just because of their accent and good looks. The British accent is of sensual touch and elegancy.

While many women highly rate the Englishmen because of their polite behavior and good manners, others recognize them as being witty and charming.

“Sweetie”,”Duckie”, “dear” and many more are the most common expressions used by most British men when dating. Just like the Italian men, the British men are really good lovers. The major problem is their preference to American girls.

8. South Africa

The South African men are the third sexiest and beautiful men in the world. The virile, muscular, brave and powerful nature makes them to stand out in this list. Interestingly, the South African men themselves believe that they are good looking. In a recent survey by showed that 77.8 percent of men in South Africa believe that they are hot.

The South African men love playing Rugby, Soccer and Cricket. Nevertheless the South African men are also famous for their stunning performances in athletics, swimming, boxing, golf, netball and tennis.

7. Spain

Spain, the country of beaches and sunshine has got the fourth hottest men in the world. Spanish men are popular for their generous and friendly nature with a very good taste to fiesta’. Their openness; mostly to women is what makes many ladies die for them. The bullfight is nowadays not considered to be a sport but a cultural event. This event takes place in a very beautiful place that gives its participants a very good and romantic view. Football is the Spanish’s favorite game, though other s do extremely well in tennis, basketball, handball, cycling, motorcycling and futsal.

6. French Polynesia

Frenchmen are the fifth in the ranking of the hottest and beautiful men in the world. French Polynesia is a French republic’s oversees country which is made up of Polynesian people from Polynesian islands. These men are extremely attractive. In fact, it is very rare for any woman to withstand their hotness.

5. Greece

Men from Greece take the sixth place in terms of handsomeness in the world. They also have a macho look just like their Italian colleagues. They have a light or dark Oliver skin, full thick and dark hair and brown almond eyes. Many women have been quoted saying that many Greek men are friendly, generous and courteous. Their favorite games are basketball and football.

4. Cuba

Men from Cuba are the seventh in the list of the sexiest men in the world. They are warm and very considerate to women. Cuban men are nicknamed Latin lovers. The Cuban men are also very proud of their rich culture. Many men there are extremely good looking and handsome.

3. Japan

The Japanese men are the eightieth on the list of the sexiest men in the world. The Japanese men have elegant and refined looks. Their great fashion sense also complements their handsome looks. The stylish Japanese men can grab the attention of any woman in the world. The healthy traditional diet in Japan also helps them to be good looking. Football and baseball are their favorite games in Japan.

2. USA

Men from the United States of America take the ninth place in a list of the hottest men in the world. These men look sexy not only in movies but also in real life. These are the men who invented the cowboy culture.

Any woman in the world wills definitely fall in love with an American dude. They look so appetizing when playing basketball and baseball. The US men have exceptional tastes on sports. Skateboarding, snowboarding, volleyball and cheerleading are the few among the many American inventions. Their taste is shown on their performances on the Olympics.

1. Brazil

The muscular and energetic Brazilian men are the tenth in the list of the sexiest men in the world. They have incredible smile and rhythm that will grab the attention of any girl. It is also said that Brazilian men are very romantic and passionate. Their samba dance while on tanned skin gives pleasure to many women. They are also the best footballers in the world. Apart from football, Brazilian men can also play volleyball, basketball, martial arts and auto racing.



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