Top 10 Best Turntables and Accessories Reviewer In 2015

Top 10 Best Turntables and Accessories Reviewer In 2015

Music is an extremely vibrant field, and the technology keeps on changing rapidly within it. One of the best inventions in the music world is a turntable. This piece of technology is absolutely fantastic and helps take music to the next level. There of course are various brands offering various models of turntables, but if you are in the search of the best, then this top 10 best turntables and accessories reviewer in 2015 will certainly prove to be a great guide.

The Top 10 Best List Seller In 2015


10. Numark TTUSB Turntable with USB

toplistproduct Numark TTUSB Turntable with USB

The TTUSB turntable not only plays your records, you can also connect it to your computer and transfer the recording sounds to your disc recorder or hard drive, or directly to your iPod or MP3 player. It is the best solution for transferring your vinyl record collection to your computer using a given software. After this, you can remove the pops, clicks and any other inherent noises from your vinyl records. The turntable also comes with a stereo minijack input that helps transfer cassette tapes. If you are a music lover with great old collection, then TTUSB is a great tool for you.

9. Audio –Technica Universal Headshell

toplistproduct Audio –Technica Universal Headshell

This is a 1/2” universal mount head shell fit for turntable cartridges with 4-pin. It has an integral finger lift and an all-metal construction. Its rubber washer helps make sure that it will fit properly to your tone arm. This model comes with a cartridge mounting software, lead wires, and color-coded head shell. You can easily fit this head sell to your AT-LP240-USB, AT-LP1240-USB and AT-LP120-USB turntables.

8. Crosley CR401-TA Record Case Carrier

toplistproduct Crosley CR401-TA Record Case Carrier

The CR401-TA almost looks like an LP storage box that was available in the 60s. It can easily store 30 albums, and will keep them protected from any damage. If your records are properly stored, they will last you long and you can enjoy great clarity.

7. Audio –Technica Dual Magnet Phono Cartridge

toplistproduct Audio Technica Dual Magnet Phono Cartridge

This standard mount phonograph cartridge offers great detail and clarity. It is meticulously pulled together with great tight tolerance. This stylus has been created to track record grooves with great accuracy, so as to offer amazing audio reproduction. The cartridge comes with a stylus guard and mounting hardware.

6. Shure M97xE High-Performance Magnetic Phono Cartridge

toplistproduct Shure M97xE High-Performance Magnetic Phono Cartridge

The M97xE cartridge has been created to offer long hours of perfect, easy listening without tiring your mind or your ears. It easily reproduces difficult musical passages, particularly in high-end frequency range. It has a very rapid stylus tip movement, and very precise tracking ability.

5. Pyle PLTTB1 Professional Belt-Drive Manual Turntable

toplistproduct Pyle PLTTB1 Professional Belt-Drive Manual Turntable

The PLTTB1 is an affordable turntable for those listeners who are interested in high-end sound but do not want to spend too much. This turntable will make both your modern vinyl and classic LPs sound like new. The device has features like a weighted “S” tone arm, dual playback speeds, and adjustable pitch control.

4. Stanton T62 Straight Arm DJ Turntable

toplistproduct Stanton T62 Straight Arm DJ Turntable

The T.62 and T.60 is a perfect direct drive turntable for the DJs, which is very easy to operate, and thus ideal for any level of experience and style. It has a strong torque and a powerful motor and straight tone arm that offers great tracking capability.

3. TEAC TN-300 Analog Turntable

toplistproduct TEAC TN-300 Analog Turntable

This TEAC turntable is an analog record player, which has a luxurious chassis with an MM phone equalizer amplifier that has an USB output. It supports Line and Phone output, so you will be able to play vinyl even with a stereo that does not have a phone input. You can Use the USB output to transfer music from vinyl record to your PC or MAC with absolute ease.

2. Jensen JTA-222 3 Speed Turntable

toplistproduct Jensen JTA-222 3 Speed Turntable

The JTA-222 turntable with AM/FM stereo radio has amazing 2 built-in speakers (front facing) that creates great sound. It also has a stereo headphone jack, external speaker output jacks, dust cover, and power indicator. The attractive wooden case of this turntable lends it a nice classic look.

1. Audio Technica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Turntable System

toplistproduct Audio Technica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Turntable System

This completely automatic belt-drive turntable will allow you to rediscover your 45-RPM and 33-1/3 records in a very affordable way. Owing to its in-built switchable phono preamp, you can connect the AT-LP60 directly to your home stereo, PC, and other components that do not have any dedicated turntable input. This Audio turntable comes with a dual magnet phone cartridge along with replicable stylus.