Top 10 Best Selling Electronics in 2017

Top 10 Best Selling Electrics in 2017

Every single day there are electronics of all kinds being launched in the world. At this age and time technology has been embraced in every part of the world it has become a norm to hear some awesome gizmo has been invented.
A review on some of the best selling electronic gizmos in the world in 2017 might as an eye opener in the always augmenting technological world and the many dynamics that this new electronic devices have impact on.

10. Ultra thin wireless Qi wireless charger for all Smartphones


Top 10 Best Selling Electronics in 2017
Best Selling Electronics

This is a developed charger for mobile phones. Due to its slim thickness of 4mm the wireless charger can be carried easily anywhere, to work, camping, hiking, flights and also bathrooms. The device is simple structured and easy to control; multiple intelligent control systems such as the charge protection, charge control, overload protection and others make the product very handy. The design makes it compatible with almost every smartphone. This makes it a universal charger.
Its impressive charging ability makes it one of the best selling devices in the world. The device can transfer power from an impressive distance of 4.1 centimeters away or 1.6 inches inductively. The design itself is neat one that will look good on you. Whether it’s on the night stand, desk, room, on you this contributes its recent compelling sales. The device has a price of $19.84 on Amazon.

9. Laser cube projection wireless keyboard


This is a virtual console which is compatible with tablets, mobile phones and any palmtop devices. The cube projects a virtual keyboard when configured with any compatible device. The device increases the performance of any device since it’s easy to carry.
Some of the projection cubes connect to other devices including the latest smartphones, tablets and mini-PC devices with android iOS and on windows platforms. The cube retails at a price of $33.33 on Amazon

8. Logitech tunable gaming mouse


The sales for this mouse are quite impressive; statistics show that it has quickly become the world’s most popular gaming mouse. The gaming industry has come a long way from the earliest video games and with the emergence of the Logitech mouse the gaming world is about to go to a whole new level. The developers of this gaming mouse are reaping numerous profits as a result of the numerous demand of this amazing tunable mouse. The original device comes with an appealing black color and an avatar blue color. For the gamers out there this is a heaven sent gift. The mouse has many adjustments on it and around 10 programmable catches. The mouse retails at a price of about $59.99 on Amazon.

7. Roku 3 streaming media player with voice search



Apart from being one of the best selling electronic, the device has one of the fastest and powerful streaming media players. Buyers can support the claim that it allows you to stream over 2000 channels and seamless access to about 200 movies and TV episodes, music and many more contents. It goes at a price of $59.95.

6. Hp sprout G2 3D- scanning PC

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It’s more of a niche but the sales recorded by this device have made it worth looking into. The device has integrated 3D and 2D scanner that makes it a perfect device for the product designers. It goes at a price of about $1050 on Amazon, excluding any additional shipping cost.

5. Acer predator gaming laptop



The Acer gaming laptop has had numerous sales rates in the past few months and will have you at a price of $1,330.99. The laptop has a 21 inch curved screen.

4. Norton core router( Not found)
The first thought that comes to mind when the word router is mentioned is, cliché. The sales recorded on the Norton core router were incredible and so we sought out to find out what makes the router different from the rest. A first glimpse at will impress you as its geometric orb shape is quite appealing , the router goes at a price of $200 on Amazon.

3. Lamp champ USB light socket charger




This is a unique lamp that allows you to turn the lamp into a charging station allowing you to have power at your finger tips. The lamp champ USB has numerous sales due it’s easy to install procedure; you simply remove your existing light bulb and screw in the lamp champ. At a price of $19.99 you can get your own lamp champ.

2. waterproof bluetooth speaker

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The outdoor wireless waterproof Bluetooth speaker has a remarkable sound system. The device is perfect for pool parties and hiking. The sales on the Bluetooth speaker are relatively lower but still outstanding. The speaker retails at a price of $434.99 on Amazon.

1. Rowkins wireless headphones with a portable charger

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The numerous sales on the Rowkins wireless headphones is primarily due to the lack of cords that leave you tangled up when using other wired earphones. The headphones come at a price of $129.99.

These are the top ten best selling electronics available in the market.