Top 10 Best Sellers in Credit & Payment Products 2017

In 2017, more and more people are opening lines of credit through Amazon. Amazon has quickly become the largest and most reputable online retailer in many different categories of product, so it’s no surprise that it’s become a popular spot for credit, as well. Amazon offers many different credit cards, including store cards. For those looking to open their first credit account or just to start a new one, here are some of the best products available through Amazon in 2017.


Amazon Store Card

The Amazon Store Card is one of the best selling credit and payment products for a reason. It’s common knowledge that when starting with credit store cards are one of the best options. You can easily build credit by responsibly using a store card. Needless to say, this makes the Amazon Store Card an incredible option. Amazon is by far the most used online retail platform, so an Amazon Store Card is a great way to build credit.



Discover it For Students

Aimed directly at students, Discover it For Students is another great method of building credit for the first time. One of the most beloved features of the Discover it For Students card is the Good Grades Reward. Discover it offers $20 cash back each year a student GPA is higher than 3.0. Additionally, this option scales as the students grades do.



Discover it Chrome for Students

The Discover it Chrome for Students card works in much the same way as the regular Discover it For Students card. The only major difference is that the Discover it Chrome for Students offers students a higher credit limit. This is a good improvement option for students who have done well with the regular Discover it For Students cards.



Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card

Offered by Chase, the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card is sold in two colors. This a great credit card for frequent Amazon shoppers. While the card offers rewards almost everywhere that you shop, it offers special rewards at



Citi Simplicity Card

The Citi Simplicity Card boasts that is the only credit card on the market with no late fees, penalty rate or annual fees. After purchasing the card, you’ll begin your first year at 0% APR. After that, your APR is determined by your creditworthiness. For some the Citi Simplicity Card is beloved, but for others, they found the APR to be a little too high.



NASCAR Reloadable Prepaid Visa

The best Visa card for NASCAR fans, the NASCAR Reloadable Prepaid Visa can be used for non-Nascar related purposes, too. This is a much loved Visa card by many NASCAR fans, who love seeing their favorite driver every time they make a payment.



The Plum Card from American Express OPEN

It should come as no surprise that Amazon is packing some of the top brands of credit cards on their website. Because of this, it should be no shock that the American Express OPEN Plum Card is one of the best selling options on Amazon. The card offers all of the benefits of a normal American Express card, with the added benefit of being easy to apply for online.



Green Dot Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard

Functioning on the same background as the NASCAR Reloadable Prepaid Visa, the Green Dot Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard is the better option for people in need of a Prepaid Visa who are bigger fans of other sports. However, many long term customers grow more and more disgruntled as they find that the fees continue to grow each year.



Discover it With Cashback Match

Discover is easily the most loved brand of credit card on the Amazon platform. The Cashback Match is a great program offering 5% Cashback on a bevy of different products. These include but are not limited to Amazon purchases, gas stations, and some restaurants. Additionally, the Discover it with Cashback Match offers 1% back on all purchases made with the card.



Discover it Miles – Unlimited 1.5x Rewards Card

Finally, this is the best credit card product for frequent fliers. This card offers 1% Cashback on every purchase you make, any time of the day, as well as a 1.5 mile reward for your chosen airline. As with most frequent flier cards, once you’ve built up enough miles with Discover it, you’ll find yourself getting many airline benefits, including free flights.