Top 10 Best Sellers in Clothing for 2017

Amazon is one of the biggest online stores in the world with a wide variety of things to buy and look at as well as to comment on. Out of curiosity I decided to go online and see what the best sellers in clothing for 2017 are. I know it’s early in the year but fashion does not wait for the sleepy. What harm could it do? So here are the Top 10 Best Sellers in Clothing for 2017.

10. Polo T-Shirts for Men.

Polo T-Shirts toplistproduct

This shirt looks like two shirts stuck together because they are. A causal plain colored Henley V neck to show off your style. It come in different colours and is good for all seasons. It also goes well with jeans and looks like a lot of fun to wear. But please check the sizes before you order. So that is my Top 10 Best Sellers in Clothing for 2017. There is stiff competition between “Vero Monte” and “Champion” but we shall see what the future holds. Which items did you like? For me… it was number one.

9. 2017 Junior’s Cocktail Dress

Junior's Cocktail Dress toplistproduct

A short dress for an evening out. And another fancy one at that. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. Designed by MisShow so you can put on a show without being a show. Basically so you can catch everyone’s eye without looking like a mess.

8. An Allegra K Men Shirt

Allegra K Men

This formal shirt has Dots Prints all over it and is a point collar short sleeves with buttons. Perfect for summer and a great design. The fabric looks smooth and very flexible. A must have for the future season and it will bring out the color of your pupils.

7. MONTE Pairs Winter Terry Cotton Boot Socks

VERO MONTE toplistproduct

Don’t worry, our beloved “Vero Monte” is back with their Winter Terry Cotton Boot Socks for men (and woman I mean socks are just socks or have I been wrong my whole life?). They are said to be warm thick socks for those cold winters or cold summers. The comments are going crazy for these socks, so don’t luck out, get a pair now.

6. Beauty Bridal One Shoulder Chiffon

Beauty Bridal toplistproduct

Can you guess the next one? I’ll give you a hint. It was not on the list before. It’s a �Beauty Bridal One Shoulder Chiffon Party Prom Dress Evening Gown.’ Not “Champion” and not “Vero Monte”. Did I get you? Anyway this over the shoulder dress is good to make you look good. You will flow like a butterfly but you will feel like a queen. Isn’t that all us girls wanted for our proms? It comes in different colors so you can send the one to suit your skin.

5. Champion’s Capri Legging

Champion Women toplistproduct

And we have another “Champion” for women. Vapor Performance Capri Legging. They do it again, twice in row. Now this seems to be their year, so far. With these 12 inches leggings that look like they are great for a night on the town or a jog around the town.

4. Champion’s Smooth Tec Capri Legging

Champion toplistproduct

“Champion” back at it again but with leggings. These are easy to wash and come in different style and two with patterns on them so you look good while you jog. They seem to be smooth quality and look like a nice cut.

3. Vero Monte’s socks

Vero Monte socks toplistproduct

Yes. More socks. But these socks are for Business men. They are black and cotton so they will go with all of your outfits. Vero Monte is a good brand that makes socks. You can never have too many socks.

2. Champion’s Women’s French Terry Jogger Capri

Champion Women toplistproduct

That is a mouth full but “Champion” is a good product. They make you feel like a champion (sorry I had to). They are relaxing to wear, above the ankle and they have pockets. I adore pockets.

1. Socks.


Yes. You read that correctly. Vero Monte. These ones are striped and made out of cotton. They are designed for women to wear in winter. They are thick, they are mostly grey and white, and they are great and comfortable. Now that I think of it, half the world is in winter so buying thick socks is not a bad idea at all. Plus a lot of the comments are in love with these socks.