Top 10 Best Seller Toys for Babies and Toddlers Review 2016

There is never a limit to how much fun your babies
or toddlers can have if they have the right distractions. Speaking of
distractions, nothing comes closer than toys and in this article, we shall
review some of the very best from Amazon, which are
also perfect for parents with a rather lower budget, as they all come under
$10. Here are the reviews of top 10 best seller products for babies and

10.TY Beanie Boos – Slush – Husky

Slush is a great cute toy for children to cuddle with and keep as a collectable.
The furs of Slush are made with silky plush fiber and the cute beautiful
sparkling eyes are so mesmerizing that the children love it. The adorable face
and the rest of the body of slush are
meticulously made to be as aesthetic as possible. Slush is the favorite of
little kids of all the different beanie boos.

TY Beanie Boos – Slush – Husky

9. Melissa & Doug Water Wow Coloring Book –

This is a portable fun coloring book. The book has blank papers but when the
child fills the pen with water and draws over the book real pictures stated
to become visible. One of the great features
of this product is that it can be used again and again.

Melissa & Doug Water Wow Coloring Book – Vehicles

8. Crayola 10 Ct Fine Line Markers

These markers are nicely packed and come in two versions, one is washable
and the other is non-washable. The washable version is recommended for small
kids. The Cryola
brand is a house
hold name and most of the people who buy them for themselves and for their
children praise its sharp bright color. The price tag is also great for ten
markers in a box.

Crayola 10 Ct Fine Line Markers

7. Crayola 64 Ct Crayons (52-0064)

These 64 crayons in a box give your creative child hours of fun as he uses
them to express himself using his imagination. They are less messy than markers
and they come in a box with a built in sharpener. The coloring possibility with
64 Crayons are
limitless. When you buy these one thing that you will notice as other customers
do is that these crayons have a great price and great value in the same box.

Crayola 64 Ct Crayons (52-0064)

6. Crayola Washable Crayons 16-pk.

The best feature that these crayon
have, as the name suggests, is that these crayons are washable and causes less
mess but many customers who have bought these crayons for their children
complain that these crayons are very fragile and break into pieces
unlike the regular crayons.

Crayola Washable Crayons 16-pk.

5. Melissa & Doug Farm Wooden Chunky Puzzle

This is a toy for children that are a modeled farm with miniature animal
models which the child can pick and play around on the board. It is claimed
that such activities in children facilitates eye
hand coordination and promotes creativity and imagination. There are
certain complains
by its buyers about the quality of its material that has been used in the make
of this toy.

Melissa & Doug Farm Wooden Chunky Puzzle

4. Melissa & Doug Artist’s Smock

The doughs are messy but if you still want your child to have doughs to play
with and manage the mess then here is a solution. It is a smock with long
sleeves and large pockets to keep the doughs. The child can safely and easily
and during the play your creative child remains tidy and can pretend to be an

Melissa & Doug Artist’s Smock

3. Play-Doh Plus Color Set, NET WT 8OZ, 8-Pack

The dough has an advantage over the play foam. The dough can provide more
definition and detail to the shapes that are formed with it. It is something
that play foam can never do because the beads come in the way. The biggest
drawback of this product is that it is very messy and it will be found sticking
on every nook and corner of the house once your toddler gets his hands on it.

Play-Doh Plus Color Set, NET WT 8OZ, 8-Pack

2. Crayola Color Wonder Drawing Paper-30 Sheets

This is a very nice product for toddlers to draw and in some rare cases
write. The best feature for this product is that it can only write or draw on
special papers that come with it, so the kids are unable to ruin walls and
furniture because these crayons don’t write on walls and any other material
except for the papers that comes
with it.

Crayola Color Wonder Drawing Paper-30 Sheets
Crayola Color Wonder Drawing Paper-30 Sheets

1. Educational Insights 1906 Playfoam Combo, 8-Pack,
Assorted Color

It’s a fantastic product that can be molded into almost any shape. It’s a
great Christmas gift for children with which they can show their creativity.
The binding material is some sort of a non-drying gel and it is not sticky for
the hands. Many parents prefer it to doughs because doughs can stick with
carpets as the children play and it creates a lot of mess. It’s a clean alternative
to keep the kids busy for a while.