Top 10 Best Safest Country in the world

People in the world always want to live in the safe and protected country and some people even leave their own country to find that safest place. The world nowadays is restlessness, full of terrorism and social problem that make life to become boring. The super power countries or developed countries not always the safest to live and we choose the country to be in list of safest in many ways.  Here is the list of top 10 safest countries that have highest level of protection, privacy and safety and also the best destiny for all people around the world to live and visit.




First country that gets in the list is Denmark because Denmark has extremely low crime rate and people have high knowledge about Human Right and it was call of Rule of Law country. This country allows people to maintain equality in term of gender and working environment.

2. Canada:



Canada is among the G8 that has most developed economy. This country full of development and safe compared to some countries in Europe and America. This is also the heaven for Study and visits for people also the students around the world. Canada is among the big country with huge population, but it still safest country because of its rule and regulations. This country has very low rate of crime and violent.

3. Finland:


Final is a small country with beauty environment that is target of tourist to visit. This country has beautiful valley with beauty land, gorgeous beaches, garden and some special places in the top of most beautiful place to visit. The law and regulation in the country is very strict but acceptable to protect own people and foreigner who want to live or visit here.

4. Switzerland:


Switzerland is one of the countries in European Union that is well known in Human right and low crime rate. It is also famous with watch products that people around the world always put number 1 for Switzerland Watch. This country has many places to visit especially for new couple that wants to spend their honeymoon time there.

5.New Zealand:

New Zealand

Other safest country is New Zealand that is far from problems and natural disaster. People live here is very freely and enjoy their living without worry much about future. This country is also good destination for tourists and immigration to live and visit.

6. Japan:


Japan is in Asia region but it also has good score as safest country in the world. Japan is well known in Technology with strong economic and people is very clever and nationalism. Japan also have strict rule that is good to protect people and tourist.

7. Sweden:


Swden is a beautiful country that is famous because of is natural beauty and spectacular mountains. People around the world put Sweden as best democracy country with rule of law. The people living here feel safe and enjoy life and it is reason that most people want to live here.

8. Singapore:


Singapore is small country but it is very famous. The people living standard here can compare to most developed country in the world. This island country is much modernized and the government is very take care its people. People who travel to Asia always wants to come to Singapore spend their holidays here.



Norway is very sate and ranked in the safest place in the world. The government rule and regulation is match with the need of people. Tourist that visits Norway always said that people of Norway is friendly and respectful. It was called as a prosperous, safe and wealthy nation with low risk of terrorist attract and crime.



Austria is well known as peach, restful and better living standards. This country is a great place to live because of its impressive attractions and level of security to foreigners and local people. The government pays much attention to keep up the spirit of its people.