Top 10 Best Hidden Cameras in 2015 Reviews

Top 10 Best Hidden Cameras in 2015 Reviews The surveillance industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. Businesses use it to overview suspicious employees, families use it to overview what’s going on around the houses and students use it to secretly record lectures for revising them later.

It is an open fact that hidden cameras are expected to have a concealable design and should be reliable to perform without altering the subject being focused on. To be the called the best cameras in this section, the products are expected to go undetectable in all the conditions.

10. Hidden HD Spy Pen Camera

Hidden HD Spy Pen Camera

This spy pen is a simple device created for spy recording. This HD Recording camera enhances the quality and accessibility of the footage. The output video is in 3GP format and the device is supported over Mac, Windows and mobile devices. Other impressive features include 1280×1024 resolution, M-JPEG video recording and dedicated software for smooth operation.

9. Car Remote Key chain Camera

Car Remote Key chain Camera

This is a camera is hidden under the skin of a car remote that captures videos at 30 fps and can take pictures at 1280×960 pixels. This has a 4 GB internal memory and has a single button operation which you can simply press and hold to record videos. The notable features include a focus range of 150 mm – infinity, light weighed and pocket sized thus satisfies all the features of a spy device.

8. Indoor 420 TVL Miniature

Indoor 420 TVL Miniature

A small device with a quarter inch CCD sensor from Sony. The dimensions of the lens are 0.63 inches in diameter and 0.83 inches in depth. It is one of the highest sold cameras and supports audio and can operate under hostile conditions of 95% humidity. It does not have the overriding features which makes it unique from most of the other cameras.

7. Button Pinhole Spy Camera

Button Pinhole Spy Camera

This is often used in ATMs, Jeweler shops and other short distance areas. It has a compact design and is very small in size making it very easy to hide. It is equipped with a high quality pinhole lens that captures excellent videos at 60 fps. The notable features include an auto white balance, back light compensation feature and can record videos at a minimum illumination of 1/2 lux.

6. PIR Pinhole lens Camera

PIR Pinhole lens Camera

A high quality spy camera that can record videos in color and resembles a PIT motion detector. The lens come with 480p resolution which is a good resolution for a spy camera. The minimum illumination at which this records is 1 lux.

5. AC power adapter Camera from SpyGearGadgets

AC power adapter Camera from SpyGearGadgets

This is one of the best concealed spy cameras and is easy when covert video surveillance is required. The video is recorded in color and at 720×480 resolution. This has a special feature of motion detection thereby the memory is not wasted over unwanted recordings. It has a 4GB internal memory and does not require battery for its operation. It is accompanied with a fully detailed manual and a USB connection.

4. SpyCrushers Pen Camera

SpyCrushers Pen Camera

This product from SpyCrushers has a 4GB SD card included in it and stores the images and videos safely which can be transfered to PC over a USB cord, The mail features include AVI video format recording, 130 MGP resolution and 1280×960 VGA resolution.

3. Air Freshener Camera

Air Freshener Camera

This product from US Patrol is an excellent spy camera hidden in an air freshener box and can be used both in house and offices. It is reasonably priced at $51 and helps you keep an eye on the people moving around. The best part of this design is that it ensures undisturbed usage for a long time without any sort of trouble. The motion detector included in this captures images when it detects motion in its vicinity.

2. Cloth Hook Camera

Cloth Hook Camera

This is a hidden camera well known for being misused in shopping malls and other garment stores. It also comes with a motion sensor and starts recording even when a slight motion is detected. It has an internal memory upto 16 GB and can record videos in color. These can be easily concealed by hanging clothes over them.

1. Alarm Clock Spy Camera from Jumble

Alarm Clock Spy Camera from Jumble

This is not a spy camera, not until someone reveals it to you and proves by showing its hidden lens. Such is the level of camouflage incorporated in to this master piece. Another stealth feature that made this product stay on the top of the list is the ability to capture in dark using infrared rays. Overall, it is a wonderful alarm clock to the general public and an excellent spy device to the owner with non-stop recording.