Top 10 Best Halloween Costumes for Baby Girl

With Halloween just a few days away, finding a nice costume for your baby girl should be a priority. Since she’s so little, you supposedly want a costume that isn’t too scary, and one that can make her look unique. A witch might seem like the perfect option for her, but why don’t you ditch whatever is common in favor of a more original approach? Perhaps you can dress her as the smaller version of Wonder Woman, or maybe you can opt for a Snow White costume. It doesn’t have to be scary – as long as it makes your little one look cute, it’ll be just perfect. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Best Halloween Costumes for Baby Girl

10. Minnie Mouse

There’s a very good chance that your daughter loves Minnie Mouse – and honestly, who doesn’t? This costume will be a great idea since it will allow her to feel just as beautiful and good-looking as Minnie is. On top of that, the idea of wearing a red skirt with white polka dots, as well as a pair of mouse ears will surely make her trick-treat experience simply unforgettable.

Minnie Mouse

9. Spider Girl

What if your baby girl enjoys watching Spider-Man? You can’t dress her in a boy’s costume, but you can always choose the female version, with skirt instead of pants. Not only will she be a unique presence at any Halloween party, but she’ll most definitely feel like a super heroine. Who knows, perhaps she’ll save the day at some point in the future. In addition, a Spider Girl costume is much cheaper than others on the market, so all in all, this Halloween is going to be very enjoyable for the both of you.

Spider Girl

8. Wonder Woman

Many teenage girls and adult women dress like Wonder Woman, but who says that your toddler can’t? With the right clothing and her Lasso of Truth, your baby girl is going to look amazing – and her costume will surely be the best of all at the party. Little girls have the tendency to like playing the role of famous superheroines, so you can bet yours will love the idea of becoming Wonder Woman – even if it’s only for a few hours.

Wonder Woman

7. Crayola Crayon

If there’s another thing little girls like, that’s coloring using their favorite crayons. If your baby is younger than 3 years old, you can always choose to dress her like her favorite Crayola crayon – perhaps a bold shade of red? Or maybe bonbon pink? Either way, you can be sure that she’ll be the one coloring and bringing any Halloween party to live – literally!

Crayola Crayon

6. My Little Pony

How many times did you hear your daughter telling about ponies? She can’t have one, but what if she can become one? A My Little Pony costume is going to be an ideal option for Halloween, and the best part is that you can always reuse this costume for other occasions. There are countless My Little Pony characters you can go for: the exuberant Pinkie Pie, the loyal Rainbow Dash, the reading-lover Twilight Sparkle, and even the playful but tempered Princess Luna. One thing is for sure: once you get your daughter in that Halloween costume, making her take it off will be impossible.

My Little Pony

5. Elsa (Disney’s Frozen)

Disney’s animated movie Frozen has become so popular that girls from all over the world are constantly watching and talking about it. If your baby girl is one of them, then you shouldn’t think twice: an Elsa costume will be the best way to go for this Halloween. She won’t be able to freeze her castle (alias your home), but she’ll definitely love the idea of holding the power in her hands for a little while.

Elsa (Disney’s Frozen)

4. Huggable Hippo

If you don’t want to dress your little one like a specific character, a Huggable Hippo costume is going to be a lot better than you can possibly imagine. While your daughter won’t become a real hippo, she’ll certainly become huggable, and you’ll want to take pictures of her immediately after she takes her first step in this costume. Fortunately, you can find this costume at very affordable prices, so don’t be concerned about having to spend too much – you won’t.

Huggable Hippo

3. Princess Pirate

A Princess pirate costume deserves a respectable third place – and it’s no doubt why. Watching your baby girl conquering the land of the Halloween party is going to be fun, but not as fun as watching her charmingly “stealing” the sweets instead of patiently receiving them while trick treating. And if you can find a costume that comes with a hook, then that will be just perfect.

Princess Pirate

2. Tiny Tentacles Octopus

Real-life octopuses aren’t very cute or cuddly, but they aren’t the Tiny Tentacles octopus. With his big eyes and purple body, this plushy marine creature can transform your daughter in the most adorable character at any Halloween party. Wearing this costume is most definitely going to be a great opportunity, and you can expect her to receive lots of compliments during the entire evening.

Tiny Tentacles Octopus

1. Pink Leopard

And we’ve finally reached the number-one costume of this top 10 best Halloween costumes for baby girl – a pink leopard. It’s lovelier than a cat, but a lot more frightening than any of the above-mentioned costumes. It will definitely be nice to watch your little one roaring, so you’d better not miss this opportunity. On top of that, a pink leopard is much cuter than a typical one!

Pink Leopard