Top 10 Best Fairness Creams For Men In 2016

Things in the beauty world have shifted and now men too have been bitten by the fairness bug. Especially in the eastern world, the dynamics have shifted and it’s not really the tall dark handsome that is desirable anymore. The  men`s skin is too tough and hard so they need fairness cream give fairness that can make their skin brighten and lighten. Men the world over are making a point of looking fairer for the fairer gender (pun intended). Beauty products companies are also coming up with products to suit this market. Here are the Top 10 Best Fairness Creams for Men In 2016.

1.Vaseline Men Antispot Whitening Face Cream

Vaseline Men Antispot Whitening Face Cream is an acne mark, freckle and dark mark remover. It has moisturizers, vitamin B3 and C together with oil control that will give you spotless fairer skin in just two weeks.

2. Nivea Men Advanced Whitening

Nivea Men Advanced Whitening has the Whitanat Vita Complex plus, a 10 essential nutrient packed whitening formula that takes good care of skin ten times more effective than vitamin C. The complex formula will also protect against sun damage and fight dark spots. Nivea Men Advanced Whitening has powerful ingredient that can reduce skin tone.

3. L’Oréal Men Expert White Active

Contains Menlano block that takes care of the production of melanin (the stuff that makes your skin dark) guaranteeing you a fairer skin. The White Active is a defense formula that triggers your skins natural defense system and resistance to damage by the elements. L’Oréal Men Expert White Active is best moisturizer for men that can remove oil from skin and lighten skin too.

4. Olay Men’s solution Revitalizing cream

We can’t talk of Top 10 Best Fairness Creams For Men In 2016 without talking of one that fights dehydration to brighten and lighten your skin. The formula contains vitamins and ginseng that do the texture of your skin’s epidermis a lot of good.

5. Emami Fair & Handsome

Has vitamin B3 that is effective in reduction of dark spots. Micro absorbers will take care of any excess sweat and oil.

6. Fair & Lovely MAX Fairness For Men

Has special formulations that give you that protection from the damaging ultra violet rays. Vitamins B3 and C will not only make your skin fair but also reduce build-up of dirt or oil on your skin.

7. Fair One Man Fairness Cream

Fair One Man Fairness Cream has such sweet and healthy things like honey, saffron, apricots, arbutin, lemon, cucumber with the main ingredient being aloe vera. This formula is tailor made for the tough skin. The cream brightens, heals and moisturizes your skin fast, leaving it fair, smooth and supple.

8. Fair Menz Men’s Fairness Cream

The Dermitec compound brightens your face by keeping thee levels of melanin in check. Hydrants will keep your skin looking healthy, fresh and young making you achieve that fair look effortlessly.

9. Garnier Men Powerlight Fairness Cream

This one here has mineral clay and citrus (lemon extracts) that are said to give your face oil control for up to six hours. The moisturizing compounds leave your face supple and without the extra oil, your skin will be noticeably smoother in no time.

10. Leeford MeGlow Premium Fairness Cream

Leeford MeGlow Premium Fairness Cream freshens your skin as it has cleansing agents. The formulae also moisturize your skin thus keeping it toned.

Now you know the the Top 10 Best Fairness Creams for Men In 2016. Use this information to buy the best one that suits your needs. You should also advice your friends on what they should use as a cream.