Top 10 Best Banks In the World In 2015

To keep money safe, people normally keep it in banks. The financial institutions can also be used to transfer amounts of money out and in of town. Banks also come in handy when people are looking for a number of benefits such as getting loans to meet short term or even long term financial needs. Functions of the banks are also increasing as days go by. For instance, they help in growth of economy of a country as they can enhance the financial situation and help it come out of a challenging financial situation. Below is a list of the top 10 best banks in the globe in 2015.


10. Imperial Bank of Commerce

Imperial Bank of Commerce

This is a prominent and reputable bank of Canada. It offers numerous services to its clients such as high rates on savings accounts, car and home loans among many others. Its nonperforming assets figure are approximately 0.16.

9. OP Pohjoka Bank

OP Pohjoka Bank

This is a bank found in Finland and works hard to empower the economy. Its nonperforming assets are at 0.6 and many analysts rank it as one of the best banks in the entire globe perhaps because of its huge customer base and its incredible reputation.

8. Nova Scotia Bank Canada

scotia bank

In Canada, Nova Scotia Bank Canada is the top-notch bank that can compare to other bank in Canada also in the world. It also has so many services to offer to its customers, including home loans, car loans, higher rates on savings accounts and so on. Its nonperforming assets figure is approximately 0.16.

7. BOC Holdings Bank Hong Kong

BOC Holdings Bank Hong Kong

At approximately 0.20 in regards to nonperforming assets figure, this is a bank located in Hong Kong. In addition to efficient online banking, the banks also offers numerous money transfer services which means that a person can transact money to account holders in the bank via the web in other countries.

6. JPMorgan Chase USA

JPMorgan Chase USA


This is a bank that offers great customer satisfaction to all its clients located in the Unites States. It is on the list of the most powerful banks on the globe not only because of customer satisfaction but because of an excellent management system that contributes to its rapid and steady growth. Simplicity and discipline of the management is the core to the banks strong management which the bank has used for numerous years.

5. Bayerische Landesbank Germany

Bayerische Landesbank Germany

Thanks to reliable banking policies, this is one of the best banks in the world which has put in a lot of effort to empower the power of the economy. Its NPA value stands at 0.17 according to some recent records.


4. Qatar National Bank

Qatar National Bank

Qatar and UAE offer some of the best performing markets when it comes to the banking industry. This is one of the banks you can work with when looking for a reliable institution and one that always ensures the client is well taken care of. Its total nonperforming assets are valued at 0.11 and it offers some of the very best services out there.

3. Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland

This is one of the banks in Scotland that is popular for offering great returns on the saved incomes of the clients. This implies that customers who decide to save their money with the bank normally get a great opportunity to earn a good amount when it comes to the annual or monthly savings based on the total cash that is in the bank. The bank also takes pride in total nonperforming assets of 0.17.

2. Credit Suisee Bank of Switzerland

Credit Suisee Bank of Switzerland

Banks in Swiss have managed to build a great reputation of customer friendly and amazing facilities to all their clients. This is simply because the banking industry in the country is one of the most reliable and strongest in all corners of the earth. This is one of the banks in the country that allows not only locals but also foreigners to keep their savings confidently with them. The value of its nonperforming assets stands at 0.23.

1.Deutsche Bank Germany

Deutsche Bank Germany

The bank’s nonperforming assets are estimated at a value of 0.19. The bank offers a wide array of services that clients can take advantage of such as online banking, currency exchange and other incredible facilities. Clients can access the bank with ease as the bank has managed to establish very many branches in almost all cities in Germany. The bank is also very popular with clients as it normally opens thousands of accounts every single day to its clients. This is because it comes highly recommended from all the people who have accounts with the bank as it offers incre