The Top Ten Scariest Animals

The term scariest is scary itself. When you mention scary,The Top Ten Scariest Animals, it means that the moment you stare at that thing you turn away and if possible your connection with the place is cut short as you run away. There exists some scary animals that one would never think of staring at leave alone getting closer to. This article discloses the top ten scariest animals in the world from number 10 to 1. Do not be scared, these are just but photos not the real animals. The scary animals ranges from reptiles, to insects, to amphibian and a point to note is that in any family or species, there exists a scary kind. This list takes into account nearly all the categories. Meanwhile, do not forget to read Most Weird-Looking Animals .

10. Owl

This creature is scary indeed from its look. To some people, it is in the rat family while to some, it falls under birds category. Owl belongs to the birds family. The head tends to be bigger than the body and the protruding eyes are not anything to smile about. However, its nocturnal characteristics has deprived off many an opportunity to see it. Seeing this animal is rather not easy.


9. Spider

Spider is so tiny and a member of the insects family. It is really scary with thin legs and large abdomen. The moment you notice there is a spider under your table, you will either scream and run away or find something to press it against the surface so that it exists no more. It is rather dangerous besides being scary and can bite you.


8. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs as the name suggest, resides just under your mattress. It has a funny character of hiding whenever you switch on the lights. Bed bugs sucks your blood while you are asleep. They are scary from the body look to the body colour. Their segmented body looks very unnatural and if you are always get scared when you see blood, then pressing a bed bug against a hard surface will scare you most. Blood is what will come out.

Bed Bugs

7. Bats

Indeed bats are scary and specifically the North American Bat. It looks like a rat and at the same time flies like a bird and stands upside down with the mouth facing down. When you look at the teeth closely, you will certainly associate a bat with some vampires. However, they are harmless though scary.


6. Coyote

Not many know this animal but truly it is scary in deed. It exists in United States. It looks like a jackal but with a lot of fur in the whole body. It has a protruding mouth similar to that of fox. It is also believed that Coyote is an enemy when it comes to livestock and can two of them can clear your flock of sheep in hours.


5. Norway Rat

Norway Rat is not like the normal rats that lives around you in your house and inside your sacks of maize. This one is a wild type and lives on top of trees. It has a scary look with a body filled with black fur. Just one glance and you will turn your head away from this creature.

Norway Rat

4. American Black Bear

This animal as name suggest is found in North America. It has a short body and ugly head that depicts that of mongoose. the body is filled with black colour, certainly its black colour adds much on its scary character.

American Black Bear

3. Hyena

Those who have never come across hyenas just know that they have laughing vocalization character. Just try and get closer, the ugly look of the head and the body colouring will make you find your way out of the range. The spotted hyena is the most scary in the hyena category with the long neck and thin legs.


2. Great White Shark

All Sharks are scary but Great White is the most scary of all. With the big head, large mouth, and sharp pointed curved and long teeth, you will lose your breath when you see this animal splash in the water. Besides being scary, it is dangerous and not only bites but also feeds on anything with blood, human being inclusive.

Great White Shark

1. Rattle Snake

All Snakes also tend to be scary but RattleSnake is another case. This snake starts scaring you as it approaches by producing a sizzling sound that will make you lose your conscious. The body is filled with scary scales and the spotted colour makes it even more ugly. If you encounter Rattle Snake one on one, you will definitely fall in the category of the best athletes in that land. It swells its body and becomes so huge just to frighten you, and of course you will get more than frightened.

Rattle Snake

If you just look at an animal and feel like you should not look at it again or you start regretting why you have seen it, then it is certain that the animal is scary to you. After getting scared by any animal, check out in this list of the top ten scariest animals and you will definitely find it there.